30 international artists on stage, 100 minutes of magic for a Guinness World Records New Year's Eve

A special night of theatre, entertainment and enchantment. Participants will be able to attend a great show in which the most acclaimed stars of magic, bearers of the 12 values of the year, perform surrounded by innovative sets and spectacular special effects. Different emotions alternate giving life to an intense show, created to remain, infinitely, in the heart of the viewer.

Artistic Director and presenter: Walter Rolfo

Direction and show design: Alessandro Marrazzo

Cast: Yan Yan Ma, Kai Leclerc, Alessandro Politi, Sos & Victoria Petrosyan, Topas & Roxanne, The Angels, Vertigo

Musical animation by RDS 100% Grandi Successi

Curated by Masters of Magic and Fondazione Teatro Regio Torino

The event is a free participation and takes place from 22:00 of 31/12 to 1:30 of 1/01


10.00 p.m. MUSICA WALK-IN

10.20 p.m. SHOW START


11.57 p.m COUNTDOWN

00.00 a.m. GRAN FINALE



Light blue - Event Area

Yellow - Safety & Security Measures Area

Red - No Parking Area

Entrance gates

Entrance and exit gates

Entrance gate for PASS holders or employees and persons with motor disabilities

Disabled Area

Rescue Centres

Additional Toilets


Within the event area is NOT allowed:

- introduce backpacks of any kind (bags will be checked);

- climb on balustrades, parapets and other structures located in the event area;

- occupy the routes reserved for rescue vehicles;

- create an obstacle to the regular flow of people along the routes intended for the exodus;

- to introduce or hold arms, explosive material, pyrotechnic devices, smoke generators, signal rockets, stones, chains, knives or other pointed or cuttings;

- to introduce luggages and trolleys;

- introduce bicycles or other means of transport, except those necessary for persons with mobility difficulties;

- introduce and store drinks in glasses or glass bottles and/or cans;

- introduce poles or sticks (excluding medical supplies and umbrellas);

- introduce flammable, explosive or corrosive substances;

- introduce spray cans.

It is advisable to use transparent containers instead of backpacks and bags in order to speed up the inspection process.


Your opinion is very important to allow us to improve the safety and usability of the New Year's Eve!

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